Ashley's Story

Author of the books Ashley Smith

“A teacher that knows the mind of children. The ability to help families, parents and even other teachers! There’s always room to learn something new, no matter who you are. It starts with a book“

Ashley Smith is an energetic, singing, preschool teacher, author and illustrator who brings enthused learning in reading together. She lives in Michigan and enjoys each season that brings it's own fun flare. She writes and illustrates her own books as well as serving families and children for over 10+years. Ashley Smith wrote her first book “When Erin is Calm" published March 22, 2021. Assisting children with anger and techniques to help normalize emotions. Ashley feels it's vital in learning yourself and others as well as communicating. Ashley creates stories and activities such as “ No Rules, Just Agreements “ and “Calm down time” that support parents and educators in nurturing their children's mental, social, and emotional awareness. Ashley Smith was requested by teachers and parents to write two affirmation books for boys and girls “I am more and nothing less“. Through her on going illustrations that she's currently venturing and finding herself vibrantly. She dreams to hopefully have her books #1. Shoot for the stars and follow your dreams! Ashley Smith's books are relatable for every classroom and home!